Call for Papers

Call for papers (Download)

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

1. AI and Knowledge based software engineering 32. Parallel and Distributed Computing
2. Artificial Intelligence 33. Patterns and frameworks
3. Aspect-orientation and feature interaction 34. Process Management & Improvement
4. Business Process Reengineering & Science 35.Program comprehension and visualization
5.Communication Systems and Networks 36.Programming languages
6.Component-Based Software Engineering 37.Reengineering, Reverse Engineering
7.Computer & Software Engineering 38.Reliability Modeling and Analysis
8.Computer Animation and Design Contents 39.Requirements Engineering
9.Computer Game Development, User Modeling and Management 40.Reverse engineering and maintenance
10.Computer supported cooperative work 41.Safety and Security Critical Software
11.Cost Modeling and Analysis 42.Software Agent Technology
12.Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery 43.Software architecture and design
13.Design & Process Engineering & Science 44.Software components and reuse
14.Design Patterns and Frameworks 45.Software dependability, safety and reliability
15.Distributed Intelligent Systems 46.Software economics and metrics
16.Economic and Financial Systems 47. Software engineering for mobile, ubiquitous and pervasive systems
17.Empirical software engineering 48.Software policy and ethics
18. End user software engineering 49.Software Process Models
19.Engineering of distributed / parallel SW systems 50.Software processes and workflows
20. Engineering of embedded and real-time software 51.Software requirements engineering
21. Engineering secure software 52.Software Reuse and Metrics
22.Formal Methods and Tools 53.Software testing and analysis
23.Healthcare Engineering 54. Software tools and development environments
24.Human-Computer Interaction 55.SW Configuration management and deployment
25.Information Management Systems, MIS 56.Technology Transfer
26.Information Systems Engineering 57.Telecommunications
27.Internet and information systems development 58.Theory and formal methods
28.Middleware Design Techniques 59.Use Cases and Scenarios
29.Mobile/Wireless Computing 60.Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics
30.Modeling with UML 61.Visual and Multimedia Computing
31. Object-Oriented Technology 62.Web Engineering, Web-Based